London Phone Number - 0207

0207 numbers are one of our highest selling UK virtual numbers.

Outside of London? Using a 0207 London virtual number is a cost-effective way to give the impression that you have premises in Central London – a hallmark of prestige recognised by UK and international clients or businesses.

If you are in or in close proximity to London, you can also benefit from having multiple London local numbers representing each specific borough (i.e. Hackney, Camden or Westminster) or area within the city (i.e. Barbican or Soho) that you serve. By advertising a more specific set of geographic locations you can simultaneously create a comforting ‘just around the corner’ feel, whilst looking bigger and more reputable.

For example, an electrician in Dagenham, Essex may wish to have London local numbers on his website for Greenwich, Leytonstone and Stratford, as customers may see Essex and immediately presume he or she wouldn’t travel out to them.

Buy a Local UK number and have it pointed to your existing landline or mobile phone.

•    Minimum term is just 30 days
•    Receive fully itemised bills showing you who has called, time of call and length of call
•    Make your business look like it is based in your chosen town or city
•    Network and Technical Support
•    Your own dedicated Account Manager
•    Online Account Access
•    Payment Options to suit you
•    Extra features to make the most of your number
•    Excellent call quality – carried over tier 1 networks

We already supply thousands of phone numbers to other companies across the world, so don’t delay – order your UK Local Number from Brayford Numbers today!

What’s the difference between a 0207, 0208 and 0203 number?

There is a widespread misconception that London has two area codes: 0207 and 0208. However, the capital’s area code is 020. The ‘7’ denotes a Central London location, whereas the ‘8’ suggests a Greater London location. As the availability of 0207 and 0208 numbers began to rapidly decrease, Ofcom released 0203 numbers in June 2005.

0207 numbers – are Central London numbers

0208 numbers – are typically Greater London numbers

0203 numbers – are the ‘new generation’ of London numbers

**0207/0208 numbers are very limited. If you really want one of the UK’s most attractive STD codes do not delay.** 

London accounted for two thirds of business growth in the UK between 2012 and 2013*  – don’t diminish your chances of generating business in an upward market. Purchase a local London number.

*Office for National Statistics, UK Business: Activity, Size and Location 2013

London Phone Number - 0207

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