Call Divert (One to Many)

Set Up  £5.00 + VAT / Monthly Fee £2.50 + VAT

This popular feature is a call divert service used most commonly if you are busy, on another call or away from the office, allowing you to maintain personal contact with your customers and never missing a worthwhile sales opportunity.

If the incoming call is not answered after a certain amount of rings or if the line is busy when you are talking to other customers this option allows us to route calls to alternative numbers to ensure the calls are answered. 

We offer up to 5 different diverts and can change the order of your preferred destination numbers any time without you being charged. You will also be able to set the ringing timeout options before diverting to the next number in the sequence; this is often between 10-15 seconds.

Key Benefits

  • Instant set up - no installation required
  • Flexible – Destination Numbers can be added and changed on request without additional charges to you.
  • Enables you to answer all important business calls
  • Enables you to run your business from multiple locations.