Call Announcement

Set Up  £2.50 + VAT / Monthly Fee £2.50 + VAT

Our Call Announcement Service lets you know when your customers are calling your new 0800, 0845, 0844, or Local Number.

The service has been created to enable you to differentiate between the types of calls you receive by playing you a short recorded message before the call is connected simply stating your company name e.g. Brayford Numbers.  The message is only played to the person who is answering the call and not to the caller. The caller just hears a normal ringing tone until the call is answered.

The Call Announcement Service can be used in the following ways;

To identify whether you are receiving a business call or personal call on a mobile phone that’s used for both business and personal use.  Once you hear the ‘Announcement’ you can answer the call professionally in your business name.

To identify which department in your company the call relates to. This is very useful when advertising different numbers for different departments in the company e.g. Sales, Customer Services.

To identify which business name to answer the phone in.  This is very useful for people that operate more than one business through one telephone line. You can then answer the phone in the correct business name.

To identify which advert a caller is responding to within a Marketing Campaign e.g. “Magazine Advert” or “Leeds Advert”

The Call Announcement service is available for only £2.50 per month. Simply select during the order process, or contact one of our dedicated Account Manager’s to have the Call Announcement service added to your existing numbers.

Key Benefits

  • Instant set up - no installation required
  • Flexible – Announcements can be recorded and added to your number on request.
  • Enables you to run multiple departments/companies on one destination number.
  • Always answer your calls in a professional manner