Frequently Asked Questions

What is a destination number?

The destination number is the number where you receive the calls.  Essentially it is either your mobile or your landline.


Why should I use Brayford Numbers?

At Brayford Numbers we pride ourselves on giving value for money numbers and excellent customer service.  We have fully trained, experienced staff that are here to help you every step of the way.


How do I change my destination number?

If you have online account access then we will send you a step by step guide on how to make these changes yourself, as and when you require.  If you do not have online account access then simply give Brayford Numbers a call or drop us an email and we will make the changes for you.  Requests during opening hours will be changed immediately, out of hours it will be changed as soon as possible.


How do I know the call is coming from my new number?

Your phone will show the number of the person calling you, like with a normal call.  This allows you to return any calls that you may miss.  If you need to distinguish between work and private calls then we would recommend adding the call announcement service to your number, which will tell you that the call is for your business.


How do I cancel my number?

We only require 30 days’ notice to cancel your phone number.  If you wish to cancel please confirm this in writing and your services will terminate at the end of your notice period.


Am I tied into a contract?

At Brayford Numbers we don’t believe in tying people into long term contracts, we just require 30 days’ notice to cancel your service.


How can I monitor my number?

If you subscribe to online call statistics then you can check your number in ‘real time’ as often as you need to.  You can monitor the amount of calls, call duration, missed calls as well as lots of other information.  If you do not subscribe to online call stats then all call information will be provided as part of your monthly bill.


How can I pay?

We accept payment by credit or debit card and also by direct debit.


I want multiple numbers, can I get a discount?

If you require more than one number please give our offices a call or drop us an email with your requirements and we will give you the best deal that we can.


What is porting?

Porting is the moving of a telephone number from one provider to another.  If you currently have your services with another telecoms company you can move your number to Brayford Numbers.  Please see our porting page for further information of give our offices a call and we can discuss it further with you. 


How do I get an international number?

Brayford Numbers can provide you with International Toll Free numbers or International Local numbers. Please see the International numbers pages to place your order online, alternatively please give the office a call where we will be happy to discuss your needs and process your order.


What is an NGN number?

An NGN number is a non-geographic number; it means that the number is not specific to a location.  We provide the following NGN numbers through our website 0800, 0845, 0844 and UK Local numbers.  Other NGN numbers are available and can be ordered on request.