Fax to Email

Set Up  £5.00 + VAT / Monthly Fee £2.50 + VAT

Fax to email does exactly what it says – it converts your faxes into an email.  We provide you with a dedicated fax number, when a fax is sent it will be converted into a PDF document.  The document will then be sent as an attachment to your email address.  The faxes can also be password protected so only authorised personnel can view them.
Receiving faxes this way means that you do not need a fax machine, additional phone line or any stationary.  This saves you money and allows safe storage of the files on your computer. 

Fax to email can be used on all of our number ranges, set up prices will vary depending on the type of number you choose; 0800, 0845, 0844, Local numbers and International numbers can all be used to provide a fax to email service.

Key Benefits
•    Instant set up - no installation required
•    Flexible – Can change where the emails are sent
•    Saves you on paper, ink and another phone line
•    Reduces your carbon footprint
•    Quick and easy
•    Saves space as faxes can be saved to the computer
•    No need for a fax machine