Does your comapny have toll free numbers in overseas countries?

Do you need to test the numbers frequently to ensure they still work from physical lines and mobile phones (cell phones)?

If the answer is yes to any of the above then we can help. We have access into over 190 countries where individuals are available to make test calls from both landlines and mobile phones. You simply provide us with the phone number you wish to test (this can be toll free or a locally based number), the country and we will do the rest. A test all is arranged and feedback is given back to you with the below detail:-

Detail of test results provided:-

  1. The time and date of the test call made (this is important so that you can report this into your carrier if there are any issues).
  2. The number the test call was made from (also important to share with your carrier if there is an issue).
  3. The status of the call. For example "successfull call - spoke to a human or reached an IVR the message was xxxxx"
  4. If there was an error message we will advise what the error message was. 
  5. If possible we will also score the call for latency and sound quality (this isnt available for all countries). 

The cost of phone number testing

The cost is dependant on the country you would like the test calls made from. The cost per test call ranges from £10 to £20 per test.

If you are based within the UK VAT will be applied to the above costs. 

If you have any questions about phone number testing or would like to arrange schedules to test then please feel free to contact us.