Local 01/02 virtual landline telephone number

Customers rarely shop or contact businesses that aren't local - especially those providing services, i.e. plumbers, electricians, auto-mechanics or hairdressers. If you do not have a local number you risk a potential new customer assuming you are not "just around the corner" and they quickly move down the search results on the internet or to the next printed advertisment to find someone more convenient.

Small business start-ups tend to advertise a mobile only as a cost effective solution. However, many consumers would agree that they would prefer to see a landline number. It's the difference between getting the call and not getting the call. 

Benefits of purchasing a virtual local landline number (01/02 number)

  • Cost-effective, no additional equipment needed
  • Instills customer confidence
  • Don't have an office? You don't need a landline, we can point your number to your UK mobile
  • Flexibility - all our numbers can be easily redirected to any UK mobile or landline, meaning you never miss a call (see time controlled routing)
  • Great for monitoring short-term advertising campaigns
  • Over 470 UK prefixes available
  • If you move premises or if your mobile is lost or stolen, you can quickly redirect your virtual number to any UK landline or mobile of your choice
  • Only a 30 day rolling contract

Need a local number outside of the UK? We also specialise in International Local Numbers. We can supply local virtual international numbers for dozens of countries and 1000’s of cities and towns, like New York, Los Angeles, Milan, Sydney, Hong Kong and many more.

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More Information

  • £15 + VAT to set a number up
  • £5 + VAT per number per month rental
  • If we point the virtual number to a landline it only costs 2.9p per minute + VAT
  • If we point the virtual number to a mobile it only costs 8p per minute + VAT

•    Your own dedicated account manager
•    Payment options to suit you
•    Excellent call quality -  no VoIP
•    Fully itemised billing
•    Same day connection (Mon – Fri, 0900 – 1700)
•    No long term contract only 30 days’ notice required
•    Network and technical support
•    No hidden extras



Local numbers if in stock will be provided to you on the same day.  We will make a test call to you and confirm your new number, we will also send you email confirmation of your new number.

If your required area code is not in stock then the number will be provided to you within 3 working days. We keep all local numbers (area codes) in stock so unless we sell out we will be able to provide you with the number on the same day.