Toll Free Numbers - UK & International

Toll Free numbers are Freephone numbers for International countries.  This allows you to market your business internationally, while still allowing your customers to call you for free.  You can receive your calls to your base in the UK on either your landline or mobile phone.  

International Toll Free numbers can increase your business opportunities by allowing you to have a presence in many different countries without having to have an office or staff there, therefore saving you money and time while still increasing your sales and your brand awareness.

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More Information

•    From £10.00 + VAT one time set up fee
•    From £10.00 + VAT per month rental
•    Call charges will vary per country, please see each individual country toll free number for confirmed set up, rental and call charges

•    Your own dedicated account manager
•    Payment options to suit you
•    Excellent call quality -  no VoIP
•    Fully itemised billing
•    No long term contract only 30 days’ notice required
•    Network and technical support
•    No hidden extras

Buy a Toll Free number and have it pointed to your existing landline or mobile phone in the UK.

You can also route calls to other International countries - Prices available upon request.

Toll free numbers will be provided to you on the same day as order unless otherwise specified.  If the required number is not in stock we will contact you and give you a date when you can expect your number to be active and confirmed to you.