Time Controlled Routing

Set Up  £10.00 + VAT / Monthly Fee £5.00 + VAT

Time Controlled Routing allows you to route your calls depending on the time and the day to different destination numbers, allowing you to take your business with you all the time.

For example:

Monday to Friday 0900 – 1700 the calls are routed to the office landline number

Monday to Friday 0000 – 0859 and 1701 – 2359 the calls are routed to the company mobile

Saturday and Sunday the calls are routed straight to a personalised voicemail service

The Time Controlled system can also be set so that out of company hours it will route to a voicemail service.  The voicemail files will then be emailed to you.  It can also be set to route to multiple destination numbers if the first contact number is unavailable.

Key Benefits

  • makes sure you never miss a call
  • allows you to separate work and home life
  • a professional automated service that requires no numbers to be input into your phone
  • can also include out of hours voicemail option
  • the options can be changed free of charge allowing you to change it depending on your current business needs